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Commercial Service Programs

As in any plan you need to start at the beginning. Eco Systems starts with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a basis for your personalized plan. We incorporate this strategy into a comprehensive commercial service plan tailored to fit your industry and situation.
  • Ecoservice

    Designed for smaller facilities with low pest pressure and usually receive a monthly service. Clients may receive a pest management report, however, most will not. This service is designed for smaller grocers and convenience stores, single unit delis, restaurants & bars

  • Ecoservice Plus

    Designed for medium to large sized facilities with varying pest pressures. Participating facilities usually receive a twice per month service. The EcoService Plus logbook, online access, and corresponding record keeping is an integral part of this service. This service is provided to health care facilities, multi-unit grocers and restaurants, lodging establishments, office buildings, and non food manufacturing facilities.

  • Ecoservice Premium

    Eco System's premium service offering is individually designed for large to very large food manufacturers, distributors and warehouses. Our EcoService Premium program is unsurpassed in quality and is designed specifically for facilities which are regularly inspected by outside inspection agencies. Facilities receive weekly service and at a minimum no less than twice per month service. Our EcoService Premium Logbook and corresponding online record keeping are integral components of this service. EcoFastTrax online station tracking, mapping and trend reporting provide a level of detailed information and communication unmatched in the pest control industry. EcoService Premium clients receive in-depth service management and Technical Support Team Supervision.

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This is the only accepted means of Pest Control in Massachussetts when working in facilities such as public schools, daycare facilities, and increasing numbers of industrial environments.
Loosely defined, IPM is a systematic strategy for managing pests which considers prevention, avoidance, monitoring and Priority is given to non-chemical pest management techniques, particularly those that can prevent a recurrence of the problem. Pesticides are used when necessary, but only in a way that minimizes potential exposure to people and the environment. Records are kept to track problems, prevent recurrences, and evaluate the result of pest management actions.
Eco Systems Pest Management is a registered IPM Business in the state of Massachussetts, providing service regularly to many of the most sensitive environments throughout our region. our considerable experience in this field enables our staff to tackle any type of situation in virtually any facility; what this means is that regardless of situational or environmental concerns, we will solve your problems and provide peace of mind.

Commercial Guarantees

Our Proven Performance Guarantee is designed to provide our clients with a measure of insurance and peace of mind that is unequalled in the pest control industry. We stand behind our commitment 100% and reinforce our mission with the following guarantees:

Satisfaction Guarantee

If during your regular service treatments you are not completely satisfied with the results, Eco Systems will retreat to your satisfaction or refund the cost of your last service.

24-Hour Response Guarantee

Take immediate action to correct the pest problem to your satisfaction at no additional charge. We will respond the same day if you call our office before noon or by the end of the next business day if you call between noon and 5:00 P.M., or your next month’s service is free.