EcoEnSure Environmental Monitoring and Testing Services

increase in cleaning compliance
with ATP Monitoring

EcoEnsure Offers Peace of Mind in Realtime

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Don't just assume cleanliness- ensure it with EcoEnsure Services.
We know that protecting your clients and employees is at the forefront of a company's mind. With EcoEnsure, we offer real-time testing and monitoring of your business for indicators that a surface is harboring organisms that could make you, your employees, or your customers sick.

Cutting Edge Monitoring

At Eco, we are using only the latest in ATP-sampling monitoring technology making sure you get superior accuracy in test results, the first time, every time.

Realtime Results

We know time is money, that's why we offer real-time testing of your business with test results that let you take action right away.

Data You Can Take With You

Data matters. That's why our EcoEnsure offers data analytics of your business in real-time, including tracking test results, trend analysis, and report generation

Our Services:

  • COVID-19 & ATP Cleaning Verification
  • Measure the Effectiveness of Cleaning Practices
  • 8-Hour Microorganism Tests

  • Measuring Microbial Contamination in Water
  • On-The-Spot Feedback on Cleaning Effectiveness
  • Third Party Sterile Cleaning Inspection Services

Ideal For:

  • Healthcare

  • Daycares and Schools

  • Group and Residence Homes

  • Food Service

  • Warehouses, Storage, and Shipping

  • Retail and Grocery


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" Before, you might walk into a room, verify that it looked and smelled clean—and hope that it actually was clean. Now, you know whether that room is clean or not. It gives you peace of mind—and a qualitative approach to sharing data with your staff. "

EcoTechnology That Makes Compliance A Breeze


What is ATP Monitoring?

In short, ATP monitoring tests for biomarkers of harmful micro-organisms on a surface, delivering information on the level of surface contamination in seconds.
This means, that we can rapidly test a surface for the things that might make you, your employees, or your customers sick, and hurt your chance of compliance standards.

Visualize Your Compliance with Hard-Data

Using our EcoEnSure environmental-monitoring technology, Eco can give you visual confirmation of the status of your property in real-time. Our system utilizes ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microorganism tests for before and after environmental monitoring. The patented Hygina luminometers are able to rapidly identify pathogens that may exist on your surfaces.

Before and After Hygeine Reports

Historical Data Tracking

Environmental Contamination Trend Graphs


ATP Monitoring In Action